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Editis is the second-largest publishing group in France, a major player in European publishing, and generally a star of the publishing world. Editis is present in the literature, education and reference publishing sectors, and is also a major player in the distribution field through its Interforum subsidiary.

The solid, coherent Editis group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Planeta group, market leader in Spanish-language publishing and one of Spain’s top three communications groups. Editis’s stated ambition is to look to the future and establish itself as the market leader in French language publishing across the world.

With prestigious publishing houses, strong imprints, and high-profile authors, the Editis group has a well-established track record of quality, eclectic publishing. Its rich publishing offering was strengthened with the acquisition of Editions XO in 2006, a year that also saw strong growth in its distribution capacity with, first, the acquisition of DNL, which gave it a position in a new field, wholesaling, followed by a series of distribution agreements signed with Dargaud and Le Lombard, which are subsidiaries of the Média-Participations group, and with Gallimard Publishers. In 2007, with the acquisition of the leading independent Belgian publisher, the De Boeck group, Editis has built up its third sector, education, and is strengthening its presence in Belgium. This is in line with its continued international growth in French- and Dutch-language publishing.

EDITIS: four businesses...

> Literature: literature for the general public (trade and mass market formats), children’s literature
> Education: primary and secondary school textbooks, scholastic aids, educational games
> Reference: dictionaries and encyclopedias
> Services: marketing, distribution

...with a single objective: to help each of its publishing houses express itself and to support them in their efforts to go further  

Editis generated 2009 sales of € 751,1 million, and has many plans for publishing ventures in France and the French-speaking countries.

Editis is widely known for the quality and eclecticism of its publishing output, and also invests great efforts in producing works on several different media. This strategy works to the benefit of all the individual publishing houses, which now have the resources needed to respond rapidly to market trends and to adapt their content to local requirements.

Seizing opportunities and looking toward the future – these are the objectives of the Editis group!

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